Dr. Thompson, founder of Integrative Oral Medicine and the Wellness Dentistry Network, has used salivary diagnostics for over 10 years to help improve the oral and general health of his patients.

Recent research has made it clear that the health of the mouth is directly related to your overall health. You simply cannot be healthy with a sick mouth. An overgrowth of the wrong type of bacteria can be the problem.

Now, without leaving your home, you can learn if you have the most common bacteria, yeast, or viruses that cause gum disease.

Home Dental Exam has removed the barrier of dentist availability and travel by bringing the testing ability to you!

“We create beautiful smiles and help those smiling to be as healthy as can be.”

Doug Thompson, DDS, FAAMM, ABAAHP


What is Periodontal Disease

Embark on a journey with Dr. Thompson as we explore the complexities of periodontal disease and its intricate web of influences. Together, we'll unravel the underlying factors, from genetic predispositions to lifestyle choices, that play a crucial role in shaping the course of this condition.


  • Personalized saliva testing for harmful bacteria
  • Interpretation report of your test results
  • Home care suggestions for optimal health
  • Assistance finding a dental provider if necessary
  • Live consultation options
  • Easy networking referrals with other health professionals


  • Valuable information about your oral bacteria
  • Saliva testing in the comfort of your home
  • Provides awareness about oral and systemic health
  • Earlier disease detection
  • Provides critical information for physicians managing heart attack, diabetes, and stroke risk
  • Forecast your future dental expenses


  • Detection and quantification of high, moderate, and low-risk bacteria
  • Guides proactive health decisions
  • Personalized treatment strategies to reduce your overall health risk
  • Allows for successful disease monitoring
  • Test results delivered by email

Recommended Tests

Home Dental Exam has removed the barrier of dentist availability and travel by bringing the testing ability to your home. Follow the simple 30-second swish and spit testing instructions and you will see it is simple, quick, and inexpensive.

Several at-home testing options are available. All test options come with an interpretation guide of the results.

Standalone Additional Tests

Personalized Test Result Analysis

Additional live consultation options available on request.


All test results will be reviewed by Dr. Doug Thompson, DDS, FAAMM, ABAAHP, and delivered by the Integrative Oral Medicine team.Options are available for the more extended consultation. Email to inquire about fees.


The contents of these interpretation guides are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. These interpretation guides do not provide or substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your medical team, dentist, physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your symptoms and/or a medical condition. Always share any information in these test results or informational guides with your current medical or dental team.

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